Tired of seeing your competitors hogging the media spotlight? When it’s your time to shine, we’ll steer you seamlessly into your sector’s most influential press, showcasing your expertise to exactly the right audiences.

PR: In Detail

PR combines the art of creating, shaping and maintaining a positive media presence, while inspiring trust and engagement between your brand and your potential clients.

All organisations big or small, local or international, private or public can benefit from good public relations; a well-targeted press campaign has the power to reach and influence millions of people in an extremely cost-effective way.

Whilst PR is primarily a great way to promote your company’s news and successes, it’s most powerful use is to stimulate interest in your brand and shape or re-shape the way you’re perceived by potential customers, as well as competitors, peers and leading industry figures.

We help companies across a range of sectors to leverage their expertise by creating valuable, engaging and insightful content, whether it’s through ‘Top Tips’ style advice, an in-depth trend forecast or a powerful thought leadership piece.

Our journalism experience means we know what it’s like on the receiving end of a press release. We know what makes a good story, and we use this insider knowledge to produce exceptional content and build fruitful, reciprocal relationships with the media on your behalf

And in the unlikely-but-potential event that you hit a reputation-threatening snag, we’ll take control and guide you through the media storm - whether it’s a puddle or a tsunami – equipping you with media training and managing potential and existing PR issues and crises.

PR: Services

We can help you with:

  • PR strategy and consultancy
  • Local, trade and national press campaigns
  • Press releases
  • Content curation
  • Media relations
  • Media monitoring
  • Press clippings service
  • PR issues management
  • Crisis communications management
  • Media training
  • Copywriting
  • Copy editing
  • Proof reading


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RM Education

Over £120,000 worth of influential coverage


To reshape perceptions of RM Education as they transition from a hardware manufacturer to a software specialist, and to reposition RM as trusted ICT experts and partners in the education sector.


We began by conducting intensive media relations to build fruitful relationships with influential editors across the education trade press.

We leveraged these relationships to drive awareness of RM’s new market position, and have since evolved this strategy to position and maintain RM’s image as trusted ICT partners to schools.

This message is delivered through an ongoing programme of powerful and insightful thought leadership to showcase their expertise.


RM are now considered the leading ICT partners to UK schools. Their ROI has grown exponentially each year, currently averaging over 700%.

We have secured regular coverage in every relevant title and attracted new opportunities based on the quality of our content, which has led to press coverage worth over £127,000 in 2016 alone.